Jahmal Rhaney

Passionately committed to making 2B Groomed the premiere luxury men’s grooming studio in the region, Jahmal Rhaney brings more than 20 years of expertise, creativity and commitment to his classic and elegant establishment in Center City Philadelphia. Voted “Best of Philadelphia” in 2006, it is the quintessential barbershop, evoking the timeless gentlemen’s establishments of the 1940s and ‘50s. It affords Jahmal and his talented associates a canvas on which to “communicate without speaking,” transforming and restoring his clients’ sense of style and grooming.

Jahmal’s dream began when he was 11 as he began sketching and drawing men’s fashion and hairstyles, which had become an ever more artistic culture by the late 1980s. The Philadelphia native bought his first pair of clippers at age 12 and began practicing on his own hair, then cutting his friends’ hair by age 16. Schooled at both the Joseph Donahue International School of Hairstyling and Tri-City Barber School, he quickly developed a vision for a traditional and conservative approach to the process of grooming for a broadly diverse male clientele.

“I envisioned my business as a depot for men’s grooming needs long before opening 2B Groomed in 2003,” says Jahmal. “It’s a reinvention of the barbershop, combining a meticulous sense of detail with in-tune fashion.” The shop’s strategic location in Center City has helped Rhaney to develop countless devoted relationships with local celebrities, sports figures, and men in business, the arts and education, as well as creating alliances with hotel concierges and many other city business interests. He constantly seeks excellence, and having honed his strategic business planning skills at Temple and the University of Pennsylvania, he sees his brand expanding to at least four locations in greater Philadelphia within a decade.

Describing key qualities that make his business the definitive barbering establishment, Jahmal emphasizes his gift for restoring men’s sense of style and sense of self, while remaining open-minded and appreciative of people and what they have to say. “Cultivating and building relationships with our clients is our primary goal; the haircut and the shave are a benefit. Most barbershops are transactional – 2B Groomed is transformational.”